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To find a match on the website often requires dropping an extraneous letter here and there. Uninstall the "NVIDIA Windows nForce Drivers" and reboot. Do that even if you're running another operating system. That's annoying. So this is the "official" way of doing it on an AMD chipset motherboard. But a few motherboards use northbridge and southbridge chips from different manufacturers in which case you need to load the drivers for each chip separately. The driver with the highest version number is the most recent. Before that both AMD and ATI made chipsets. If the easy way didn't work for you then you'll have to do the more general search. Sometimes the northbridge and southbridge are built into one chip in which case it's still called a chipset even though there's only one chip. You can usually just ignore the name of your southbridge when it comes to installing your chipset drivers unless you have one of those rare motherboards which has one brand of northbridge and another brand of southbridge. Your best shot for finding the GART driver is to try this page. Start here and look at the "Chipsets" section. Just look for drivers for Radeon HD 3300 series and follow the instructions from the next section. You can find your motherboard info in CPU-Z just above where it lists your chipset and southbridge. Yup. There are four sections below which explain the chipset driver update procedure for the various cases. That's just a list of variants on a single northbridge. After they became one company the naming got confusing. How to install your motherboard chipset drivers. In Windows XP and earlier open the "Add/Remove Programs" window. It may be called the "Catalyst Display Driver", "Catalyst Component Downloads", or something similar. Go to the "Operating System" box and select yours. 888d446efb

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